Week 4: Websites of the Day

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Larry Ferlazzo is the author of the blog Websites of the Day. This site is really helpful for teaching ELL, ESL and EFL students. After browsing for a while I saw a link on the top that had his favorite blog posts so I decided to take a peak at that list of articles, and one of them caught my eye. Wordbuilder, that’s all the title was, but I was interested to see what it actually was and meant by wordbuilder.

When I clicked on the link to see the site for Wordbuilder it was quite colorful, and interactive for the students. That particular part of the website is organized by grade level, and it’s all spelling words.  It is an excellent spelling, vocabulary and phonics site from Houghton Mifflin. Students are told a word, in the context of a sentence, and then have to spell it. It’s designed as a game, and there are literally hundreds of opportunities to play. It’s appropriate for beginners through Intermediate English language Learners. Audio and text support is even provided.


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